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Sessions (week 4)

Learning environment

Mon., 2 Oct.

Assignment 3.
🎞️ Shelley Sweazey. The learning environment as the third teacher. Simcoe County, District School Board, 2015. ► 9:16. Transcript.
📖 Elizabeth Mulvahill. Anchor charts 101: why and how to use them. We are teachers. 19 Aug. 2022.
📖 Thomas Dittl. Why I won't be hanging anchor charts in my classroom this year. We are teachers. 4 Aug. 2017.


Thurs., 5 Oct.

🎞️ Should I be using Google or the library resources for a paper? NEIU Libraries, 2020. ► 1:40. Transcript.
📖 Universal Decimal Classification summary. UDC Consortium.
📖 Google Scholar.


Fri., 6 Oct.

🎞️ Introduction to citations. WPI Gordon Library, 2018. ► 4:38. Transcript.
📖 APA Style. American Psychological Association.
📖 Interactive APA. OWLL, Massey University.
📖 Estilo APA. Biblioteca Universitaria, Universidad de Alicante.

Learning environment

The role of play

Jenny Eppard. The importance of play in early childhood education. 2020. 5:24.

Learning centers

Learning centers in early childhood education. Networx Training Academy, 2021. 3:14.

Anchor charts

Katharine McKinney. Working with anchor charts. Forney ISD, 2018. 2:10. (Teaching teachers).

A good learning environment

Planning for a collaborative learning environment. Edutopia, 2013. 5:59. (Remake your class; part 1).

Building a collaborative learning environment. Edutopia, 2013. 3:54. (Remake your class; part 2).

Exploring a collaborative learning environment. Edutopia, 2013. 4:17. (Remake your class; part 3).


Public libraries

Ariel Bissett. What librarians wish you knew about libraries / animations, Maddy Vian. 2019. 4:26.

National libraries

Tom Scott. This library has every book ever published. 2023. 4:59.

Universal Decimal Classification

Vivian Bouza. The Dewey Decimal System explained: for middle school. 2022. 6:45.

Google Scholar

Chris Drew. How to use Google Scholar: find free journal articles for university essays. Helpful Professor, 2021. 4:33 .