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Sessions (weeks 7-8)

Partnership with parents

Thurs., 26 Oct.

Assignment 6.
🎞️ Nili Matthews. Important interactions: How to communicate effectively with parents. Kids Included Together, 2012. ► 4:50. Transcript.

Group presentations.

Job application

Fri., 27 Oct.

📖 Europass. European Union, 2002- .
🎞️ Linda Spencer. How to write a great resume and cover letter. Harvard Extension School, 2012. ► 2:44. Transcript.

Group presentations.

Job interview

Thurs., 2 Nov.

📖 Paul Michael. How to answer 23 of the most common interview questions. Wise bread. 2007. PDF version.
🎞️ Interview dos and don'ts. VaultVideo, 2007. ► 4:15. Transcript.

Group presentations.

Partnership with parents


Angela Kirby-Wehr. Teacher modeling. Pennsylvania Department of Education, 2018. 4:26. (Teaching matters).

How to foster partnership with parents

Relationship building: parent/teacher communication. San Bernardino City Unified School District, 2017. 3:13.

Preparing for a conference with the teacher

How to prepare for a parent-teacher conference. GreatSchools, 2012. 3:13.

Job application

Curriculum vitae (CV) / résumé

Jonathan Black, Elizabeth Uviebinene. How to write a top-notch CV. Financial Times, 2019. 11:01.

Cover letter

How to write a cover letter. Indeed, 2020. 1:56.

Job interview

Job interview

Top interview tips: common questions, nonverbal communication and more. Indeed, 2020. 4:58.