History and culture of the United States
Depression and New Deal

rev. 2007-06-08

Prosperous 1920s. Conflict of cultures. Stock market crash. Depression. First and second New Deal. Supreme Court and New Deal.

Study guide

New Era

Trade association

Welfare capitalism


Emergency Quota Act (1921), National Origins Act (1924)

Modernists and fundamentalists

Black Tuesday, stock market crash, Great Depression

Dust Bowl, Okies

Abraham Lincoln Brigade, American Communist party

Herbert Hoover, Hoovervilles, Bonus Army (1932)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, New Deal, Emergency Banking Act (1933), Economy Act (1933), Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933), National Industrial Act (1933)

Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), Civil Works Administration (CWA)

American Liberty League, Francis E. Townsend, Charles E. Coughlin, Huey P. Long

Holding Company Act (1935), Wagner Act (1935)

Industrial unionism, Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), sit-down strike

Social Security Act (1935)

Black Cabinet

Indian Reorganization Act (1934)

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