History and culture of the United States

rev. 2007-06-08

Colonial wars between France and England. Reorganization of the empire. American Revolution. State governments. Confederation.

Study guide

French and Indian War = Seven Years' War (1754-1763)

Proclamation of 1763

Sugar Act (1764)

Quartering Act = Mutiny Act (1765)

Stamp Act (1765), Stamp Act Congress (1765), Sons of Liberty, non-importation agreements, Declaratory Act (1766)

Townshend duties (1767)

Boston Massacre (1770), Samuel Adams, committees of correspondence

Tea Act (1773), Boston Tea Party (1773), Coercive Acts (1774)

First Continental Congress (1774)

American Revolution = War of Independence (1775-1783)

Second Continental Congress (1775), George Washington

Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1775)

Declaration of Independence (1776), Thomas Jefferson

State constitutions (1775-1784)

Articles of Confederation (1777, ratified 1778-1781)

Northwest Ordinance (1787)

Shay's Rebellion (1787)

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