History and culture of the United States
Jacksonian era

rev. 2007-06-08

Economic revolution. Sectionalism and nationalism. Age of the common man. Democrats and Whigs. Diverging North and South.

Study guide

Demographical tendencies in the 1820s and 1830s

Canals and railroads


Factory system, Lowell mills

Tallmadge Amendment (1819), Thomas Amendment = Missouri Compromise (1820)

John Marshall (chief justice 1801-1835), Supreme Court and Indian tribes

Monroe Doctrine (1823)

National Republicans and Democratic Republicans

Age of the common man

Spoils system

Tariff of abomination (1828), nullification in South Carolina (1832-1833)

Indian Removal Act (1830), Trail of Tears, Great American Desert

Bank War (1829-1837)

Second party system: Democrats and Whigs

Specie circular (1836), Panic of 1837

Nativism, Know-Nothings

Cult of domesticity

Upper and lower South

Peculiar institution = slavery, Sambo, Nat Turner, underground rail-road

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