History and culture of the United States

rev. 2007-06-08

Populism. Depression of the 1890s. Progressive movement. Roosevelt and Square Deal. Wilson and New Freedom.

Study guide

Guilded Age

Pendleton Act (1883)

Sherman Antitrust Act (1890)

Interstate Commerce Act (1887)

Granges and Farmers' Alliances

Populism, People's party

Coxey's Army (1894)

Crime of '73, William Jennings Bryan, Cross of Gold speech, Currency Act = Gold Standard Act (1900)


Muckrakers, Lincoln Steffens

Social Gospel

Settlement house, Hull House

Thorstein Veblen

Women's clubs

Initiative, referendum

Interest groups

Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition, 1920)

Nineteenth Amendment (vote for women, 1920)

Socialist party, Eugene V. Debs

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Theodore Roosevelt, New Nationalism, Progressive party

Woodrow Wilson, New Freedom

Essay questions

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