History and culture of the United States
Federal republic

rev. 2007-06-08

Constitution. Hamilton and the Federalists. Jefferson and the Republicans. Louisiana purchase. War of 1812. Expansion.

Study guide

Constitutional Convention of Philadelphia (1787), George Washington, James Madison, Virginia Plan, Great Compromise, main features of the Constitution

Ratification of the Constitution (1787-1790): Federalists and Antifederalists

Federal Judiciary Act (1789)

Bill of Rights = constitutional amendments (twelve passed 1789, only ten ratified 1791)

Alexander Hamilton, Funding Act (1790), Bank of the United States (1791), Whisky Tax (1791), Report on Manufactures (1791), tariff

First party system: Federalists and Republicans

Whisky Rebellion (1794)

Jay's Treaty (1794), Pinckney's Treaty (1795)

Alien and Sedition Acts (1798), Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (1798)

Revolution of 1800

John Adams, Judiciary Act (1801), midnight appointments

Second Great Awakening

Cotton gin

Turnpike era (1790s-1820s)

John Marshall (chief justice 1801-1835)

Louisiana Purchase (1803)

Impressment, Embargo Act (1807), Non-Intercourse Act (1809)

Indian Problem: Canada and Florida

War of 1812: causes

Second Bank of the United States (1816)

Era of Good Feelings

Adams-Onís Treaty (1819)

Panic of 1819

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