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Sessions (week 2)

School teachers

Mon., 18 Sept.

Assignment 1.
🎞️ Maya Lee. A day in the life of a fifth grade teacher. 2017. ► 9:35. Transcript.

Time management

Thurs., 21 Sept.

🎞️ Sally LePage, Liz Timoney White. A short guide to managing your time. University of Oxford, 2013. ► 4:36. Transcript.
📖 Time management top tips. University of Oxford, 2015.

Commercial correspondence

Fri., 22 Sept.

📖 Writing business letters in English: useful phrases and vocabulary for writing business letters. Learn English today. PDF version.
📖 Dustin Wax. How to write a business letter that gets results. LifeHack. 10 Mar. 2008. PDF version.
🎞️ The dos and don'ts of e-mail etiquette. Austin Outdoor, 2012. ► 8:34. Transcript.
📖 Jackson Nimesheim. Emailing your college professor: do's and don'ts. U. S. news. 26 July 2022. PDF version.

School teachers

Reasons to become a teacher

The top 10 reasons I decided to become a teacher. Late show with David Letterman. 2013. 4:06.

Stereotypes about school teachers

Are teachers valued as professionals? EduSkills OECD, 2020. 2:37.

School teacher skills

Chris Drew. Twenty-one soft skills for teachers (explained!). Helpful Professor Explains, 2021. 14:27. Transcript.

Things every new teacher should know

John Spencer. Twenty-five things you should know about becoming a teacher. 2017. 4:08.

Homework debate

Should homework be banned? Behind the News, 2018. 3:18.


Mindfulness, meditation techniques being used in classroom. KSAT 12, 2018. 1:54.

Time management

Time management tips

Ali Abdaal. How I manage my time: ten time management tips. 2021. 11:49.

Commercial correspondence

Email etiquette

Jeffrey Kaplan. Rules for interacting with college professors: office hours, email, letters of recommendation. 2022. 20:44.