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Sessions (week 3)

Early education curriculum

Mon., 25 Sept.

Assignment 2.
🎞️ What does "high-quality" preschool look like? NPR Ed, 2014. ► 5:43. Transcript.
📖 Early education curriculum: nursery and primary cycles of the European schools. Schola Europaea, 2022.

Presentation skills (I)

Thurs., 28 Sept.

🎞️ Matt Edmundson. How to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation. 2008. ► 2:01.
🎞️ Chris Thomas. Five memorable key steps to ensure a good presentation. 2008. ► 6:21. Transcript.

Presentation skills (II)

Fri., 29 Sept.

📖 Donald Clark. Presentations. 1998-2015.
🎞️ Carmine Gallo. Present like Steve Jobs. 2008. ► 6:54. Transcript.

Early education curriculum

Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes and songs: A to Z. BBC Teach.

Education systems

The school system in the US and UK. Café Inglês, 2017. 2:22.


What are the four basic operations in math? Binogi, 2017. 4:32. Transcript.

Presentation skills

Design of presentation slides

Patrick Henry Winston. Slide design for instructional designers: embracing the wisdom of presentation Zen. Check N Click, 2023.

Public speaking

Patrick Henry Winston. How to speak. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, 2018. 1:03:43. (January IAP 2018). Transcript.