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Sessions (weeks 6-7)

Assessment and evaluation

Thurs., 19 Oct.

Assignment 5.
🎞️ Natalie Thorpe, Kathleen Chambers. Formative assessment in the classroom. AITSL, 2017. ► 6:50. Transcript.
🎞️ Redirecting behavior. Administration for Children and Families, 2015. ► 4:54. Transcript.

Group presentations (3-5 min each student).


Fri., 19 Oct.

🎞️ Ryan Holiday. How to write a book: from research to writing to editing to publishing. 2016. ► 5:42. Transcript.
📖 Chittaranjan Andrade. How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Vol. 53, no. 2 (Apr. 2011), p. 172-175.
📖 IMRAD structure. Idaho State University, 2009.

Group presentations.

Drafting and editing

Mon., 23 Oct.

🎞️ Joseph Forte. Drafting and revising. Purdue OWL, 2018. ► 5:30. Transcript.

Assessment and evaluation

Difference between assessment and evaluation

Using assessment and evaluation strategies to support students. Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, 2015. 4:46.

Formative assessment

Heather Thompsen. When to use formative assessments. Educational Partners International, 2020. 2:18. (Best teaching practices).

Redirecting behavior

Sara Langworthy. When children are defiant: addressing children's challenging behaviors / feat. Tracy Schreifels. DeveloPlay, 2021. 7:02.

Reward and punishment

Mary Ellen Maunz, Randall Klein. Montessori training: indifference to rewards and punishment. Authentic Institute of Montessori, 2014. 3:53.


Parts of a book

AbeBooks explains the parts of a book. AbeBooks, 2011. 3:10.


John Bond. How to write an abstract. 2017. 3:09. (Publishing defined).

Drafting and editing

Writing advice

Five writing tips from famous authors. Reedsy, 2017. 2:41.

Editing and proofreading

Revising, editing, proofreading: what's the difference? MiraCosta College Writing Center, 2020. 5:42.

Proofreading marks

Proofreading marks. Carson Dellosa Education, 2022. 3:40.