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Pedro Domínguez Caballero de Rodas
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Dpto. de Filología Inglesa y Alemana.
Facultad de Humanidades (Filología).
Universidad de La Laguna (España).



  1. Expansion of English.
  2. Language contact.
  3. Emergence of postcolonial varieties.
  4. Linguistic features.
  5. England.
  6. Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
  7. North America I.
  8. North America II.
  9. Australasia.
  10. Asia.
  11. Africa and the West Indies.
  12. Global language.


Online reference sources.

Week 1

Fri., 15 Sept. PROLOGUE

Asignatura optativa de 6 créditos en cuarto del Grado en Estudios Ingleses.

Guía docente.

Campus virtual.

Horario de clases.

Calendario de exámenes.

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Week 2

Wed., 20 Sept. TOPIC 1: Expansion of English

Marcus King: The Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi (1939)

Assignment 1.
Peter Streven's map of English (1980).
Braj Kachru's three circle model of World Englishes (1985).
Tom McArthur's circle of World English (1987).
Marko Modiano's centripetal circles of international English (1999).

Fri., 22 Sept. SEMINAR 1: Linguistic colonialism

Alastair Pennycook

Alastair Pennycook: English and the Discourses of Colonialism (1998) (more info on this book).

Week 3

Wed., 27 Sept. TOPIC 2: Language contact

JR Nagoya Station

Assignment 2.
Salikoko S. Mufwene: Colonisation, Globalisation, and the Future of Languages in the Twenty-First Century (2002).

Fri., 29 Sept. SEMINAR 2: Standard English and native speakers

Henry Widdowson

Henry G. Widdowson: The Ownership of English (1993) (download the whole article).

Week 4

Wed., 4 Oct. TOPIC 3: Emergence of postcolonial varieties

English language is taught at primary schools in India

Assignment 3.
Edgar W. Schneider's dynamic model of the evolution of postcolonial Englishes (2007).

Fri., 6 Oct. SEMINAR 3: Deficit linguistics vs liberation linguistics

Randolph Quirk

Randolph Quirk: Language Varieties and Standard Language (1989).
Randolph Quirk in an interview for NHK ► 13:30 (1989 video).

Braj Kachru

Braj B. Kachru: Liberation Linguistics and the Quirk Concern (1991).

Week 5

Wed., 11 Oct. TOPIC 4: Linguistic features

Scrabble tiles

Assignment 4.
John C. Wells's lexical sets (1982).
English vowels (chart).
IPA vowel chart with audio.
Bernd Kortmann and Benedikt Szmrecsanyi: Global Synopsis: Morphological and Syntactic Variation in English (2004).

Fri., 13 Oct. SEMINAR 4: English usage across channels

David Crystal

David Crystal: Speaking of Writing and Writing of Speaking (1995).
Naomi S. Baron: Approaches to the relationship between speech and writing (2000).
Geoffrey Leech, Margaret Deuchar and Robert Hoogenraad: Typical speech and writing (1982).
Fiona Lyddy et al.: An Analysis of Language in University Students' Text Messages (2014).

Week 6

Wed., 18 Oct. TOPIC 5: England

Topic 5

Assignment 5.
John C. Wells: Accents of English (with recorded specimens, 1982).
IDEA: International Dialects of English Archive (1997).
Dialects of England (map).
Counties of England (map).

Fri., 20 Oct. SEMINAR 5: RP and London English

Peter Trudgill (Picture: Bill Smith)

Peter Trudgill: The Historical Sociolinguistics of Elite Accent Change: On Why RP Is Not Disappearing (2008).
The English Language: Received Pronunciation ► 24:02 (2012 video).
Prince William, Prince Harry, and Joss Stone before concert for Diana ► 5:46 (2015 video).
Estuary English ► 2:35 (2012 video).
Multicultural London English (MLE) or Jafaican ► 11:17 (2015 video).

Week 7

Wed., 25 Oct. TOPIC 6: Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Topic 6

Assignment 6.
Compare the Gaelic | Scots | English versions of a Scottish Parliament leaflet.
Dauvit Horsbroch: The Scots Language ► 19:37 (2011 video).
Scottish Highlands and Lowlands (map).
Dialect divisions in present-day Ireland (includes Sound Atlas of Irish English).

Fri., 27 Oct. SEMINAR 6: Language and gender

Deborah Cameron

Deborah Cameron: Sex and the Power of Speech (2010) (PDF).
Robin Lakoff: Talking like a Lady (1973).
Jennifer Coates: Differing Approaches to Language and Gender (1986, 2004).

Week 8

Wed., 1 Nov. All Saints' Day

Fra Angelico: The Forerunners of Christ with Saints and Martyrs (ca. 1423)

Fri., 3 Nov. TOPIC 7: North America I

Topic 7

American English Dialects (includes map).

Week 9

Wed., 8 Nov. SEMINAR 7

2007 AEDEAN Conference

41st AEDEAN Conference (La Laguna, 8-10 November 2017).

Fri., 10 Nov. TOPIC 8: North America II

Topic 8

The Rapidly Changing Language of American English ► 20:00 (2013 video).
Northern Cities Vowel Shift ► 2:27 (2008 video).

Week 10

Wed., 15 Nov. SEMINAR 8: Linguistic fieldwork

Presentations schedule

Instructions for the field task.
Presentations schedule.
Claire Bowern: Linguistic Fieldwork: A Practical Guide (2008).

Fri., 17 Nov. TOPIC 9: Australasia

Topic 9

Australian accent (broad, general and cultivated) and how to do it ► 3:36 (2012 video).
Australian accents explained by Simon Taylor ► 3:16 (2013 video).
Samples of Australian English: Malcolm Fraser (1972), My Brilliant Career (1979), Julia Gillard (2012).
The Etymology of Country (2016).
Aboriginal English ► 9:56 (2014 video).

Week 11

Wed., 22 Nov. SEMINAR 9

Presentations schedule

Fri., 24 Nov. TOPIC 10: Asia

Topic 10

Chavacano (Philippine creole) samples:
TV Patrol Chavacano (23 Nov 2017) ► 36:04 (video).
Ikaw Chavacano Cover Song ETU ► 5:21 (2015 video)

Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea creole) samples:
EMTV Nesenel Nius (13 Novemba 2017) ► 2:39 (video).
The Three Little Pigs ► 9:38 (video).
The Story of Jesus ► 2:07:53 (video).

Week 12

Wed., 29 Nov. SEMINAR 10

Presentations schedule

Today's class is from 10 to 12.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sala de Audiovisuales (AV)
de Filología (B0-10).

Fri., 1 Dec. TOPIC 11: Africa and the West Indies

Topic 11

BBC News Pidgin.

Sala de Audiovisuales (AV)
de Filología (B0-10).

Week 13

Wed., 6 Dec. Constitution Day

Primera página de la Constitución Española de 1978

Fri., 8 Dec. Immaculate Conception

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: Inmaculada Concepción de los Venerables o Inmaculada de Soult (ca. 1678)

Week 14

Wed., 13 Dec. SEMINAR 11

Presentations schedule

Instructions for the written task.
(The instructor's email address:
Template for the Degree Final Project in English Studies.

Sala de Audiovisuales (AV)
de Filología (B0-10).

Fri., 15 Dec. TOPIC 12: Global language

Topic 12

British Council: Languages for the Future: Which Languages the UK Needs Most and Why (2013).
Kim Potowski: No child left monolingual ► 19:08 (2013 video).

Sala de Audiovisuales (AV)
de Filología (B0-10).

Week 15

Wed., 20 Dec. SEMINAR 12

Fri., 22 Dec. CONCLUSION

Online reference sources


Using Wikipedia for academic research ► 3:36 (2011 video).


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